Hamad Project

Healthier and More Active Deaf People

About the Project

DEAFS is pleased to announce the start of a new project funded by The Big Lottery. The project aims to inform Deaf people about the benefits of a healthier and more active lifestyle. The project will consist of a number of presentations, workshops and activities linked to a healthier and active lifestyle within the deaf community. Various information leaflets and resources will be produced and made accessible to the deaf community. A social media presence will be created, which will make the HAMAD project accessible to the wider deaf community and allow for a wider open discussion.

Project supported by

We would like to thank everyone that supported our project.

I hope that it will make a big difference to the wider deaf community, to their family and friends.

This is a very worthwhile project to be involved in and will encourage more deaf people to participate in healthier living activities.

Very useful information. This is a much-needed fully accessible project for the deaf community.




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